08 October 2005 ~ 6 Comments

Life Group Game Night #2

The last of the group just left our place from our second game night since our life group started. Tonight, 15 people packed inot our little apartment for games and lots of laughing! We also had a potluck with lots of food, including lumpia, pansit (is that how you spell it?), jumbalaya, lasagna, chicken, salad and chocolate satin pie.

One of the highlights for me was running into our next door neighbor while letting people in and then her coming next door to hang with us for about an hour or so. Rachel and I have just been getting to know her over the past month or so and she has come to Revolution three times now. I hope tonight was a great way for her to get to know some people around Revolution and feel a bit connected.

After eating and hangin it was time to get our game on! We started by splitting up the room between guys and girls for a little Battle of the Sexes, where the guys did win might I add, but it was close the whole way through.

Then we split up into teams for a game of Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture DVD edition. Again we had a great time and Bridget, Christina and Randy came out on top.

As the crowd thinned out, the die hards kept going…first with some good ole Apples to Apples and then finishing up with a homemade game of Salad Bowl.

We finally called it quits after 2 in the morning, and hopefully the neighbors don’t hate us with all the noise we were making. In the end, it was another awesome night of connecting with our life group. It was great to have everyone over and we definately missed those who couldn’t make it. It’s nice to get together as a group outside of our Tuesday format and get to know each other better. Thanks to all y’all who joined us. Anyone out there who doesn’t attend a life group yet, there’s a lot of great one’s at Revolution with open doors…ours included!

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