24 October 2005 ~ 1 Comment

End Of The Spear


For those of you who read this blog who may be connected to the entertainment industry or know people who work in entertainment, there is an organization I was recently told about by a new friend called Inter-Mission. It is one of several ministries in the greater LA area that purposes to bring together Christians who work in all aspects of entertainment.

This Tuesday night, October 24th, they are having a screening of an upcoming movie called End of the Spear. Click here for more details. It is the re telling of a well known story of missionary Jim Elliot. At the screening they will have interviews afterward with the writer, director, and one of the actors. I can’t wait to check the movie out. I’m kinda bummed cause I’d love to go to this screening, but it just so happens to fall on my life group night. But for those of you who are free, it could be a great chance to see a good movie, hear from those who made it, and meet some other Cristian artists in our area!

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