29 October 2005 ~ 0 Comments

Worship – It’s What We Do

This morning I had some people from Revolution Church over at my place to start watching a 6 part teaching by Louie Giglio called Worship: That Thing We Do (and eat Krispy Kreme donuts – yum!). Louie Giglio is a well known author and worship leader and I’m really looking forward to going through this series and hearing some great teachings on the subject of worship.

This fist teaching focused on the fact that every single person worships, it’s just what we do. How we live our lives tells a lot about what we choose to worship. One of my faorite quotes was, “I don’t say to God my worship, I live to God my worship.” So often we come to church and talk all about how much we love Jesus and take pride in being a worshiper of God, but our everyday lives can paint a different picture.

The fact is, everybody worships something. You can see it in the way that people react to music stars and professional athletes. Truth be told, the world often worships icons much better than we as a church ever worship God. One of the keys to the teaching was this – it’s not the quality of our worship that needs to improve, it’s the object of our worship that needs to improve.

This really got me thinking. I really believe that the reason we don’t worship God with the passion that the psalmists describe over and over is because we often times have an incorrect view of who God is. Perhaps it’s the quality of our object of worship that needs improving because we don’t really understand how worthy He is. We can say all the right words about His perfection and holiness, but if we really allowed it to permeate every part of our souls, what would our worship look like, both corporately and in our everyday lives. I recognize that the more I spend time in God’s word the more I understand who Christ truly is and the more genuine and life changing my worship becomes.

Like I said, I look forward to taking the next few months to watch these videos and really explore a biblical picture of worship. If you want to study worship deeper, especially if you are someone who helps lead others in worship, come and join us for the next 5 weeks (except Thanksgiving weekend) at my place at 9am. E mail me for more info (like my address and minor details like that).

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