01 November 2005 ~ 0 Comments

Bug-a-Boo 2k5

WOW, yesterday was a crazy day. Last night Revolution hosted our Halloween outreach event Bug-a-Boo, and it was awesome. It was a full day of picking up 50 bales of rental hay, 25 pumpkins, getting stages and bouncers in place and more!

As many of you know, there was a contest for the best game booth hosted by a life group. We had a blast as a group putting together our marsmallow man, Ghostbusters, Mallowcannon XHO booth. Jared and Randy came up with this idea to try and make a gun to shoot full size marshmallows (I always thought it was selled marshmellow, but found out differently this week) using pvc and compressed air. Charlie and Stephen then refined the idea to ultimately create the Mallowcannon XHO. Everybody in our group helped in making our 12 foot tall Marshmallow Man to shoot at and we just had a great time working together. Thanks life group!

Although we didn’t win, I was glad to see my former life group, the Bambricks come out on top. They dressed as pirates and had a pretty sweet booth, and the kicker was giving away pictures of kids with the pirates in little cards with a sticker that had Revolution info on it. Great job guys! The Dicksons showed up with probably one of the most creative booths of the night, shooting super soakers at guys belly buttons while they blew up balloons like a carnival game. Bret, Adam, and Keith sure made those wigs and goggles look good! All around the game booths were just awesome! It was a huge improvement from last year and the kids had a blast.

This year I jumped in on the raw hot dog eating contest. I got through almost a whole package in 2 minutes, but I just couldn’t hang. Butka took the trophy for the second year in a row, downing a whole package of hot dogs and then some. Did you know that when hot dogs are raw, it’s actually pretty easy to swallow large peices whole? It just kinda slides down your throat.

Overall it turned out to be an amazing and really fun event. Lots of people showed up and things really went smooth. Unfortunately, I didn’t take my camera with me, so I don’t have any pictures to post! I’ll be sure to get some from others and put them on this post or just toss them into a new post in the future. Thanls again to everyone who helped in making yesterday such a fun day!

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