03 January 2006 ~ 1 Comment

Final Vacation?

I had what I thought was an interesting e mail when I returned home from vacation.  Actually, I guess it was 2 e mails from one person.  This person e mailed me as a Christian wanting some info about our church, finding out when we had some events that they could visit.  If you e-mailed me while I was gone, you know that you received an auto response to inform you that I was out of town and would be unable to check e mail.  Well, this person then responded to that e mail…here’s what it said:

That’s okay. 2 Mormon missionaires are at the door and they seem sort of nice. I’ll talk to them and get back to you .
Enjoy your time off as the flock wanders.

I guess I had better not take any more vacations, eh?  I’m actually still not sure whether this was a joke, or someone who really thinks that anyone in ministry shouldn’t get a vacation.  I always hope though that my ministry is not dependant on me.  I want to trust more that God is ultimately in charge…and at times that’s easier to remember than it sounds.  I still have a lot of room to do better, but I also hope that a majority of my ministry can be focused on empowering others to serve God effectively…working myself out of a job I guess you could say.  That should give me some good goals to aim for in 2006.  Hopefully this person will still visit our community or find another one where they feel comfortable.

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