10 February 2006 ~ 0 Comments

Grand Reopening Rocked!

So once again it’s been a long while since I’ve taken the time to blog, so I’ll just have to bang a couple out today.  A big part of the reason for my absence has been the time that went into getting ready for our grand reopening at Revolution Church
For any friends reading here who aren’t a part of Revolution, this past Sunday was our first Sunday in a new facility.  We are now setting up and tearing down every week at Artesia High School in the city of Lakewood.  A lot of work went into making things happen by everyone around Revolution and it was a HUGE success!  It was so fun at 9:00 when the doors opened to see people just flooding through the doors.  We ended up having 565 adults and 135 kids for our first day!!
I am really looking forward to this next Sunday and the one’s that follow.  For a little more info about the specifics of the grand reopening, check out Dave’s blog.

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