10 February 2006 ~ 2 Comments

I Finally Won!!!

For many months now I have been visiting www.inbubblewrap.com and entering to win a book to know avail. It is a website that daily gives away business related books. I have entered faithfully everyday without winning as I’ve watched one friend win 3 books and another win 5! But I continued to persist and finally I won today!!
I opened my email this afternoon and literally yelled for joy when I saw a winner confirmation from inbubblewrap. I’m not sure I’m really all that excited about the book I won, but it’s just nice to win!
When you sign up for the offer each day, you answer 2 questions. many months ago, the question was, what would cause you to tell others about inbubblewrap.com? My answer: win a stinkin book! So now I’m making good on my answer. Go check it out!

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