22 February 2006 ~ 1 Comment

Videos Online

So you may notice that I’ve updated the page some, and I hope to update it some more in the coming weeks or months.  I know there are some things I’d like to add – idea’s I’ve gotten from other blogs I’ve viewed – but at this point I don’t know how to do half of them.  I guess I’ll just need to take some time to learn.  Unfortunately that time usually comes in the late hours of the night when I’d probably be better off sleeping.
One thing I have finally done, though, includes the addition of a page, or in this case a link on my blog.  Since I began this site, I mentioned that one of my desires was to try and provide resources, both for the Revolution worship community as well as for others who are doing creative ministry.  One of the ways that I have been encouraged and gotten ideas for ministry is by looking at some things that other people have done and posted on sites.  Watching videos others have made have always inspired me and stirred creativity.
Being that videos are something that we have been doing more and more often at Revolution as time has gone on, and being something that I am continually learning more about (and hopefully getting better at), I thought it would be fun and hopefully beneficial to have a page to download and view videos that we have made for services and for fun.  I finally got that page created and up and running after taking time here and there to slowly get it built.  Hopefully it can serve 2 purposes: (1) as I mentioned, to give ideas and resources to other ministers, and (2) for people at Revolution who just enjoy seeing some of the things we’ve done again.
Unfortunately, a lot of the videos aren’t great quality the way I’ve exported them, but if anyone really wanted to use something, I do have them in format to put on DVD with better quality.  There are still some more videos I can get up there, and the page in general is a work in progress.  So, there is now a link on the sidebar to visit the page, or for now you can click here.  Enjoy!

*UPDATE – this page no longer exists.  Instead all of my videos are hosted at my site at YouTube.  username: bobbymarchessault

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