27 February 2006 ~ 3 Comments

Church, Chili & Games

This was definaitely the best week yet when it come to the setup process over at Artesia High School. Each week we’ve been working on getting everything setup as quick as possible. There is lot to do with the amount of lighting we’re running now, the sound system, and the 2 big screens. It is so worth it for the atmosphere we’re able to create though. There’s always room for people to help on the production team with both setup and teardown!!
Chili & Games
Sunday night it was all about eating Chili and playing some games. I’ve been known to be pretty competitive, so I had to watch myself. It was such a fun night though. Apples to Apples is still one of the best games ever. Jerry Stout was cracking me up with the 9 cup putting course he set up in the room. And the Planet Rev 50" plasma case rocks for playing video games!Imag0365790414





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