28 February 2006 ~ 1 Comment

Cerritos Library


I finally got myself a library card this morning at Cerritos library. If you have never been here you have to check out this website. It is what they refer to as an "experience library." My favorite part is the childrens library, believe it or not. When you walk in the door the first thing you see is the childrens library with a 15,000 gallon salt water tank. The inside is just as amazing with a T-rex, a lighthouse, and some really cool decor.

I have been here  (
at the library, not necessarily the childrens section) all morning working on some ministry planning for production and creative arts for the first half of ’06. I’m actually pretty stoked about the future and some of the things I feel like God is puting on my heart. I love to come here on occasion when I’m woking on something like that cauce it really seems to inspire me. I feel like God just kinda helps the creativity flow a bit when I’m here. A good friend and pastor of mine, Boomer Reiff, introduced me to it. The library – odd place to go to find God I guess – but hey, whatever works.

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