20 March 2009 ~ 2 Comments

Friday’s Flava – Look @ Me (Mom Blogs!)

Wow.  Week 2 and I already almost forgot about this weeks flava.
But I didn’t disappoint.  Better late than never.

As I said, one of the goals here is to uncover some hidden gems to segments of people that read this blog that may not read the other segments.
A huge contingent of bloggers out there right now are all you crazy mom bloggers.  It’s insane to me the amount of traffic that some of those mom blogs get.

Well, I have a friend who has a blog, and she’s a mom, so I think that qualifies.
If you are another friend from the Revolution days, you probably already read Liana’s blog.
For the rest of you though, allow me to introduce you.


I might get in trouble for using that picture.  But hey, she posted it on her blog today.  Maybe if enough of you go over there and visit her, she’ll forgive me?

She lives in Long Beach, works as Starbucks, is married to worship leader and graphic designer who is also pretty awesome (sometimes awesome people marry awesome people, and that’s cool), and is the mom of a 2 year old little girl (she is 2 now, right?).  Whether you know her personally or not, she has a hilarious and pithy (am I using that word right?  Pithy…yeah) way of writing about life with her family and being a mom.

So go and enjoy the life of Liana at her blog, Look @ Me, Look @ Me.
And make sure you scroll down far enough to see her husband, Keith, singing Material Girl at the church.  Well worth the watch.

See ya again next week with some more link love.

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