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My Space Stats


So I saw this article over at the xxxchurch blog. It’s a pretty interesting write up from an integrity online e mail. Check it out:

At Integrity Online we received many customer requests to block Xanga and MySpace, as well as some customer requests to keep them open. We have researched, at great length, the pros and cons of free, unmonitored, Web Logs ("Blogs") such as these. It has become clear to us that in order to provide the best filter protection to our customers, we must block xanga.com and myspace.com.

Blog hosts like these do not monitor, filter, or block the content of the Blogs they publish for all to view. Children can easily access these Blogs, and millions of these Blogs have proven themselves to be obscene and even dangerous.

As part of our research, we chose some words that might be used by ministries or businesses and searched for them on myspace.com. The “hits” are how many times these words are found on MySpace Blogs.

Bible Study 246,000 hits

Salvation 238,000 hits

Ministry 711,000 hits

Investment 82,400 hits

Medicine 571,000 hits

Architecture 164,000 hits

Antiques 25,700 hits

Now compare these words above with some obscene words below, that we searched on MySpace Blogs. These figures are beyond belief but sadly true.

Sex 9,960,000 hits

F*** 13,900,000 hits

Porn 2,300,000 hits

Sh** 17,700,000 hits

Nude 5,380,000 hits

More threatening to our customers are the dangers to children. National headlines have been made with tragic stories of sex crimes carried out against teenagers, and even younger children, through contact on these Blog sites.

My Space is an interesting animal. I have to admit I do have a My Space myself, and I’ve found it to be a useful tool to make contact with some old friends I haven’t talked to in years. Some of them are even doing ministry in other parts of the country and it’s been a great resource and opportunity for us. I’m able to here about the lives of people who are in my ministries. Some of you may have even found my blog through My Space.

On the same note, you don’t have to be on there long to see all the negative uses for it. Obviously, based on my own use of it, I won’t completely condemn the use of My Space altogether. But if you’re a teenager reading this, hopefully you can at least understand why your parents don’t let you use it, and I can’t say I blame them.

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