08 April 2006 ~ 1 Comment


I know that there are some of you out there who link over here or type the URL for this site in your browser every so often to see if anything new is posted. Well, maybe a couple of you at least. Anyway, just want to share a great tool with some of you who haven’t delved to deep into the blog world yet (key word being yet).


Bloglines.com allows you to subsribe to a feed of all of your favorite blogs. It will create a "blog roll" on the left side of the page with the names of all your favorite blogs. Each time you log on and there’s a new post from one, it will appear bold with the number of unread posts next to it. It’s just that easy.

I’ve been using it for quite a while now, and it revolutionized my life (maybe some kick back or a sponsorship from bloglines is in order – oh yeah, it’s free…nevermind). I’ve turned some others on to it too and they love it. So go sign up and make your life a little easier.

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