10 April 2006 ~ 1 Comment


So yesterday was a pretty busy morning at Revolution Church.  Baptisms were a blast.  They always are.  And then there was the announcement of some staff transitions.  Of course, this was of particular significance to me personally with my changing role at Revolution.
I am no longer the Director of Worship and Creative arts at Revolution church.  My new "title" is Pastor of Celebration Arts. 

Since July of 2004, it has been my job to oversee the worship, production, and arts ministries at our church, with most of my time being toward worship.  This past week we hired Elijah Young (who just became a father on Friday night, by the way!!  Congrats!) as our part-time Lead Worshipper.  With this shift, it becomes my role to focus primarily on production and creative arts as our church continues to grow.  (P.S. – we also hired our first part-time Director of Student Ministries.)
This is a shift that we have been processing for a few months now, and with it comes lots of different thoughts and emotions for me. 

For the past 5 years I have been consistently leading worship somewhere, whether on staff or as a volunteer.  It has become a large part of who I am, and I have a huge passion for it.  It is something I will miss, have missed, though I also have loved being able to worship from within the congregation, and I’ll still have opportunities on occasion, both in and outside of Sunday mornings.
At the same time I am really excited to see God stretch me in new and different ways.  I am excited to see him equip me with more abilities that I already sense he has begun in me.  I’m excited about the ways that this shift will form me and draw me closer to Christ, making me more like Him.  I’m really excited about the endless possibilities for our Creative Arts ministries at Revolution Church.  There are lots of visions and dreams I have to see that minitry do great things, and I look forward to sharing those as time goes on.

Anyway, I guess that’s it for now.  Just a peek into the thoughts of me as God transforms me and moves me into new areas and challenges and possibilities in ministry.  And I know God will continue to change and transform all of us here as he continues to grow our church and do amazing life changing things within the people of our community.  I’m stoked.
And now, I gotta go get ready for Easter.  CRAZY week ahead getting ready for Easter weekend, so I may not be back much this week.  We’ll see.  Anyone know a florist?  I could use some help.  Random.  Seriously though, e-mail me if you do, please.  Anyway, catch y’all later!

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