12 April 2006 ~ 0 Comments

New Toys

Razr (v3)


As we’re hanging out at my place last night at life group, it comes to our attention that a member of the group had a Motorola Razr that they didn’t like and were looking for someone with T-Mobile service to give it to. To make a long story short, it somehow ended up in my hands and I now have a pretty spiffy new phone.

Not even close to an idea what cool things the phone has on it, but I like it. Looking forward to checking it out more. Bluetooth, scheduling, fun stuff. Thanks Johnstons!



As many of you know, we like doing lots of videos at Revolution. (To see some past videos look here, or here.)  They are most commonly edited on my incredibly slow Dell laptop which adds hours to the process. Today we got the church and iMac and Final Cut Studio for editing as well as capturing our services for the web.

This will save lots of hours, hopefully increase the quality of the videos, and allow to start creating more of a team of people to be editing. I’m totally stoked about this. It’s pretty hard for me to admit it, but I think my conversion to believing in Mac products is almost comlete.

Easter Update
Dance rehearsal tonight, drama tomorrow night, a few videos to edit for Good Friday, sound to edit for Easter, almost have all the props for Easter, need a few stage hands, gotta finish figuring out the overflow room setup.

Met with Dave and Elijah today to make sure all our ducks are in a row for the weekend: flow, rehearsal schedule, etc. Easter weekend at Revolution is gonna rock. Don’t miss it. Maybe I can get Jenny to add an adult area to the Egg Hunt on Saturday. See ya there!

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