24 April 2006 ~ 0 Comments

The More You Know


You all remember The More You know PSA’s, right? It always has some TV star telling you not to do drugs or put up with abuse. Well the cast of The Office now has some fake PSA’s that have been running on NBC. They’re pretty funny.

So we decided to take our cue from them during our 3 week series, The Office: Imagine a Wonderful Workplace. For our "video bump" that we use to introduce the message each week, we decided to make our own PSA’s related to the mornings topic. This first week was about How to Handle the Watercooler, you know, gossip, slander, etc. This series should be a lot of fun. A nice breather after a tough book like Job. Practical, fun, but still lots of challenges and scripture. Check out the watercooler PSA below.

P.S. This is milestone post #100 for my blog. Just a little tidbit for ya. And it only took…more than a year!

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