29 April 2006 ~ 1 Comment

United 93

Last night we saw the movie United 93. For anybody who hasn’t heard about this movie (I suppose that’s possible), it’s the story of the fourth plane that was highjacked on 9/11 and crashed in Pennsylvania as a result of the courage of it’s passengers. Wow, it was an intense movie. Some of the acting was below par, but for someone a bit picky about that, it was still overshadowed by the story.
At times I was surprised at the emotions that the movie evoked in me. I knew it would be impactful, but I was still surprised. I went to New York 3 weeks after the event to do ministry in the city. That experience was one of the most amazing weeks of my life, and this movie brought back memories of that. The smell of smoke in the air for miles. The ash that would cover my clothes, 3 weeks after the event. Praying with people and seeing people on their knees at the edge of ground zero sobbing.
After the movie ended, it was kinda like you weren’t sure how to respond. We all just kinda sat there in the silence as you digested what you just saw. You could hear people here and there sniffling as they were moved by what they saw.
In my opinion, this movie was a great way to honor the people who died that day and their families. It’s a great way to be reminded of what happened, and be able to see it from another perspective. I would definitely reccomend the movie if you want something to move you and really make you think. Definitely not a movie for pure entertainment.
Check out the trailer here.

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