29 May 2006 ~ 1 Comment

Spirit West Coast

A few weeks ago, Rachel and I were driving home late on a Saturday night, so we decided to turn on our friend Mike‘s radio show.  I decided to call in for fun when they were doing a giveaway, not expecting to win, and next thing you know I had won tickets for Spirit West Coast.

Unfortunately we couldn’t do the whole weekend, but Friday afternoon we took off for San Diego to catch the night I was most interested in anyway, a set by David Crowder Band, a message from Francis Chan, and then Jeremy Camp.

I figured I am probably the only worship leader left who hadn’t seen Crowder live.  Wow, I thought they were great.  Music was awesome, great time of worship, and David Crowder is such a cool kickback guy.  Really fun to listen to.  That was definitely the highlight.  Francis Chan was pretty good, but it really is just a tough venue to try and give a message at.

Finally we saw Jeremy Camp.  I’ve seen him two other times in the past, once leading worship at Calvary Chapel, and then in the afternoon at Fish Fest one year.  This was a WAY bigger production than those two.  The lighting was amazing and I had no idea how big Jeremy Camp has become.  It was a good show, but to be honest, I think my favorite part of the concert was when he just stood there with his guitar, shared his heart a little, and sang of few great songs. 

Anyway, that’s my quick review on that night.  It was nice to get away for an evening for some good music and a time of worship, too.  Ran into several different people from several different points of my past.  Pretty cool.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, at the end of the night we went to a comedy show to see Ron McGehee who should be performing at an event we will be having this summer called "Hilarious."  He was really funny and I am looking forward to that comedy and music night in August.

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