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Last night in life Group, as we have been going through Ephesians in our current series "Identity Theft," we talked about the truth that you are not what you do.  Your job, your actions, your past do not identify you.  You are who you are in Christ.  It hit me that when we come to that place, we can be who we’ve been called to be even when everything else gets taken away from us suddenly.

At the end of the night, Hector asked us to pray for Ruben.  Ruben has been coming to Revolution for a couple weeks now.  Ruben rides the bus to church.  Ruben is homeless.  Hector has had the chance to get to know Ruben because he lives in the parking lot near Sturdy Furniture, our churches ministry where Hector works.  I found out that Ruben used to be a major league pitcher.  He busted his shoulder, I figure losing his "identity", and life went sideways.

But lately, he has been coming to our church.  He even dumped out a whole bottle of beer because he couldn’t bring it on the bus.  But he wanted to come to church.  Rachel and her mom were at Sturdy on Sunday, and he was so excited to invite them to ride the bus and come to church.  I truly believe, as does Hector, that God is doing something huge in Ruben’s life.  I am so thankful that we have a church community that has allowed him to come and be with us.

I found out last night that Ruben had a stroke yesterday morning.  I don’t know how he’s doing.  I don’t know where he is.  If I find out, I’ll update you.  Please pray for him.  Pray for his health.  Pray that he would continue to draw closer to God.  I thanks Jesus in advance for the work He has began that I believe He will finish.

How many more Reuben’s are there out there?  How many people have lost so much because of their loss of identity?  How many people just don’t know who they are created to be as children of the king of the universe?  How many of them never find out because we are scared to talk to them?  I thank God for our bus ministry and the work they are doing.  I thank God for a place that Reuben can feel safe to be and to seek.

UPDATE: Got this e-mail from the folks at Sturdy today:

Ruben is doing better, He did fall on his face and broke his nose during his seizure.It looks like he will be getting out of the Hospital By the end of the week..If any one would like to visit or call him , he is @ Lakewood Regional medical center…Under Ruben Alvarez…. Let’s Keep praying for him and encourage him, him when we do see him on sunday !!!!

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