20 June 2006 ~ 7 Comments

Looking For Feedback

Here it is.  My first official Typepad post.  If you’re here, you probably got here from the blogger design to check it out.  Let me know what you think.  Still haven’t decided if it would be worthwhile or not, and the top of this page I’m looking at tells me I have 14 days to decide.

Just let me know some of your general thoughts and/or answer any of these questions that mght be helpful:

  1. Is the overall appearance any better or worse?
  2. Is there a difference in ease or ability to navigate the page?
  3. Is the extra info (pictures/books/music – some of which isn’t up yet) worthwhile/interesting?
  4. If you are a blogger, what do you use/recomend and why?
  5. Would you rather see a Wham, New Kids On The Block, or Wilson Phillips reunion concert?

I’m not sure what the last question had to do with anything at all.  Thanks for stopping by!  Leave a comment here or back at the other page.

7 Responses to “Looking For Feedback”