31 March 2009 ~ 3 Comments

Family Pictures

A few weeks ago, Joel and his business partner and friend Kenny came up to visit and take some shots of the boys and the fam.  There are so many killer shots, it’s hard to even decide which one’s to post.

I’ll share some of my favorite shots of the family he took that afternoon out at the trestles by the boardwalk late that morning.  Then I’ll have a few more posts later this week with shots of the boys.
And eventually I’ll get em all on Facebook, too.

Photos by TenEleven photo.  Hire them.  Wedding.  Engagement.  Barmitsfa. Quinceneta.  Whatever.  They’re money, baby.

Click on pictures to enlarge em.

Santa cruz roadtrip 297

Santa cruz roadtrip 264 09_roadie_1_016



09_roadie_1_003 Santa cruz roadtrip 288

09_roadie_1_020 09_roadie_1_027

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