30 June 2006 ~ 2 Comments

R&R With Keith And Dave

Several months ago, Dave Trotter teamed up with his good friend Keith Page, founding pastor of ROCKharbor church in Costa Mesa to start up KeithAndDave.com.  The idea being to provide resources and relationship for multiple church planters.  Check out the site to learn more.

Part of the plan is monthly events for planters and those desiring to plant.  The event is called R&R (resources and relationships) with Keith and Dave, and they switch between Orange and L.A. County each month with the same material at each.  Today I hung with them for the first L.A. County R&R.  It was great meeting some other guys with similar passions, hearing some great stuff from Keith and Dave, and reflecting on the God-sized vision that God has given me both for now in Long Beach, and someday in church planting, wherever that ends up being.  Here’s a few notes.

This first topic was Understanding Your Unique "DNA". 

  • Destiny – vision that inspires you

Vision = Mental picture of a preferable future that God uniquely calls you to

  • Navigational Chart – values that guide you

It is important to be aware of the values you have in different aspects of ministry.  They gave ten specific areas to think about: evangelism, spiritual formation, assimilation, preaching/teaching, worship/programming, social justice/compassion, global impact, leadership development, church government, and hot buttons.

  • Approach – strategy that propels you

There are lots of strategies out there, and there is often not one that is better than the other.  It is really ultimately about how God has wired you to do ministry.

For me there were lots of great reminders and some new stuff there.  The greatest thing for me was realizing that discovering your unique DNA is a process that takes time.  There are areas of minstry and spirituality that I know just who i am in Christ and others that I’m still discoveing how he made me.  There are areas of ministry that God has given me great vision and others that I’m not so sure about.  Of course most of the stuff I don’t know about I know aren’t really pertinent to where I am now, I just really want to see the end a lot of the time.  Perhaps that’s why God doesn’t let me – I don’t need to and it would probably just distract me more for who He’s called me to be today.

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