07 August 2006 ~ 2 Comments

My Blogover

You know…it’s kinda like a makeover…I guess.  Anyway, As you can see, I have now officially changed blog servers and kinda revamped the site.  For the better?  For the worse?  Well that’s up to you I guess.  I’m having fun with it though, so welcome to my new home.

I have to admit that it has been way more of a pain switching over than I thought it would be, but it’s done now.  Once I got locked into paying the next year, there was no way I wasn’t!  We’ll see in 12 months if I stick around here.  Hope you enjoy!  Most of the changes and additions are self explanitory, so you can stop reading now if you wanna.  Or you can stick around for the brief hospitality tour of my blog clean up.

Here’s some of the features I’m enjoying:

  • Banner – I don’t know, this may be the least impressive change to a lot of you graphic design types, but I have one.  I like it, but I’d love a better on too.  So if you think it could be better, than go ahead and design one for me.  That would be sweet!
  • Photo Albums – To your upper right you will see my collection of photo’s for your viewing entertainment.  I’m not a great photographer either, but it will be fun to share some pics.
  • Recent Comments – This is nice cause every now and then there’s a comment on something a little older that you might not ever see, but now you can.
  • My Sounds – When I’m not listening to talk radio, that list is probably what I’m groovin to.
  • My Books – Of course a few of these are constantly changing because of school.  The others are books that I’m trying to find time to get through, but I’ve been reding most of em for a while now. 
  • Revolution Blogroll – This is everyone I know of personally at Revolution with a blog, and I love to keep up with those.  If you have one and I don’t know, make sure you e-mail me so I can add you to the list!
  • My Favorite Leaders/Pastor – All great blogs from other church leaders who I enjoy reading.
  • Other Blogging Peeps – These are other friends in many degrees.  Some are old pesonal friends with blogs and others are just bloggers I’ve never met but read on occasion.  Also, if you have a link to my site and you aren’t on any of my lists, please just let me know as this is where I’m more than happy to spread the love.

So there may be a few more things, but that’s already too many and really it’s all the important stuff.  Next step is figuring out the best way to manage my rss feed. 

Hope you enjoy!

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