17 August 2006 ~ 1 Comment


That’s what I’ve been doing a whole lot of the past several days.  Throw in a few rounds of golf, some basketball, and lots of food and there you have the first leg of our vacation.

It’s been nice to just kinda kick back and get some rest.  We have, however, been in a 2 bedroom condo with 12 of us.  Me, Rachel, my mom, sister, brother-in-law, aunt, uncle, cousin, his wife, their 5 year old son, other cousin, and his 11 year old daughter.  I don’t come from the ginormous family deal, so that is pretty much the entire crew, and we are LOUD!…and all have pretty strong personalities, so there’s never a dull moment!  Unfortunately I didn’t think of getting a picture of everyone together until half of them had already left.  Oh well.

So now we’re up in Big Bear for some alone and relaxation time.  What’s in store for leg 2 of the vacation?  Lots of movies, reading, and of course some homework (unfortunately).  After getting to the cabin today, we stopped by the grocery store for food, and then stocked up at the local Blockbuster.  here is our current rental list to get through:


Just finished Hoodwinked.  1 down, 5 to go!  Who knows, if we get through them all, maybe we’ll even have time to grab a few more. 

Looking forward to more relaxing and enjoying my wife’s company.  Pretty slow wireless connection I’m picking up at the cabin here.  Good thing actually.  It will keep me away from here til I get home, which would be good. 

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