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Friday’s Flava – History In The Making

A friend pointed out to me this week that I totally missed this last week.
Of course, I knew that.  But I guess it’s good to know someone else noticed to.  I guess I’ll keep it up then.  ;)
I was thinking it’s kinda like high school.  Trying to get the jocks to have lunch with the band geeks, or the waterpolo players to talk to the football player, introducing the worship blogger to a mom blogger, or the leadership blog to the random rants blog, the “mega-blogger” to the friend who has great thoughts about life and faith.

Anyway, time to share some link love again this Friday.

Meet Ben Arment.  I started reading Ben’s blog, History In The Making, after he planted a church in Reston, Virginia.  He is now one of the organizers for the Catalyst Conference, and hard at work on Catalyst West Coast (which I’m looking forward to attending with our staff).

Of course I started reading because of my passion for church multiplication and I wanted to follow his experiences.  But I keep reading now because of his great leadership insights.  Truth is, I have other friends who have great, deep, insightful…and long posts.  I like to read them, but have to wait til I can set aside time to get through the whole post.  The thing I like about Ben’s blog is they are usually bite sized leadership learnings and principles that pack a lot of punch and really make you think.  So go by and check him out today.

What good blogs are you reading that challenge you as leader?

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