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Tagged Again

This time’s  little different than the last time I got tagged.  My friend Ben at Babulife tagged me to share about some of the books I’ve read. 

Just this past week I was telling Rachel, on vacation, that I love getting the knowledge from books, and I really want to read the books, but I’m just not good at reading.  Some people can read anything in a matter of a day, and that just aint me.  But, like I said, I do really enjoy reading books, so I do have some answers.  Here goes:

  • One book that changed your life:  Deadline by Randy Alcorn.  Read it right after got really got a grip on me and it was really impactful.  Even as  novel it just hit on so many real life issues, and the ideas and depictions of heaven gave me a healthy longing for "home" that has stuck with me ever since.

    As impactful as that book was for me, you can imagine how stoked I was when we got to lead worship with our friends Boomer and Lisa a few years back in Canon Beach, OR while he was speaking.  Here’s Rachel and I hangin with him at the conference.
    Bobby_rachel_randy_alcornOK…now for more answers.

  • One book that you’ve read more than once:  Are you serious?  Why would anyone read a book more than once?  It takes so much time just doing it once.
  • One book that you’d want on a desert island: The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook. Come on…that has to be a worst case scenario…right?
  • One book that made you laugh:  Here’s Your Sign by Bill Engvall.  We got it for Rachels dad for his birthday.  I read a lot of it.  Funny stuff.
  • One book that made you cry:  I’m not much of a cryer.  A few movies – maybe; a book – not yet.
  • One book that you wish had been written:  A friend and I weren’t really into the whole I Kissed Dating Goodbye deal, so we wanted to write our own dating book.  It would be what not to do, based on our experiences of screwing up (we were both single and maybe a bit bitter).  Title: Oops, I Dated Again.  Forward by Brittney Spears (I was kinda into her before she got trashy). Kinda dumb I guess, but it would have been fun to write a book.
  • One book you wish had never been written:  Mein Kamf by Adolf Hitler.  Is that a cop out answer?  Het, it works for me!
  • One book you are currently reading:  SoulTalk by Larry Crabb.  Was supposed to have finished it awhile ago for school.  Amazing book on speaking power into peoples souls in counseling and everyday friendships.  I’d highly recomend it to everyone!
  • One book you’ve been meaning to read:  Holy moly…just one?  There’s a bunch.  How about Heart of the Artist by Rory Noland.  I’m hoping to take that one in Labor Day weekend at the artists retreat myself and a few arts leaders are attending.

So now I gotta tag 5 more people, so here goes…
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