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a.k.a. God

This week is our last of our series: "a.k.a. God: Discovering God Through His Names."  We have taken three weeks to look at three different names of God in the Old Testament and what they reveal about the character of God.

During week one, many of you may have seen Phil and Sarah Rowland working on an art piece, starting during the 9am service, and completing it at the end of the 6pm service.  It is a piece that encompassed all three weeks of learning, and hopefully those of you who attend regularly had a chance to check it out after the sermons and see the relationship. 

If you didn’t…fear not!  Check out the picture below along with a description of the piece written out by Phil and Sarah.  Thank you so much to the Rowlands for continually blessing us with your talent!

"a.k.a. God"

Genesis 22:1-14
Exodus 17:1-16
Judges 6:1-24

For this work, we began by reading all the scriptures for this series on the names of God. Tangible objects stood out such as rock, wood, staff, water, altar, knife, wheat. These became our literal and metaphorical inspiration which we tried to embed into the context of our world through the use of newspaper as a backdrop. Despite our world, the name of God – the "I Am" – rings out clearly calling us to Him and teaching us about who He can be.

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