02 October 2006 ~ 2 Comments

Creative Synergy

So up until now, I haven’t really been much of a podcast guy.  Haven’t really checked many out, and of the ones I had, didn’t find many that I was that seemed that helpful for me with what I’m doing right now.  There’s some worship leading podcasts that are good, and lots of sermons to choose from, but not a whole lot in the creative arts and production realm.

Well, I came across a great podcast the other day to share.  Check out the Creative Synergy podcast.  It’s by Anthony Coppedge and Greg Atkinson, a couple of guys who have done a lot of great stuff in arts and tech.  The first podcast had a great interview with Kem Meyer of Granger Community Church as well as some decent tech tips.  I look forward to hearing how this goes and seeing if it keeps my interest.

How about you?  Any good podcasts you would recommend?

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