20 October 2006 ~ 18 Comments

Lurkers – Come Out, Come Out, Wherever you Are


A lurker, according to Wikipedia is:

In Internet culture, a lurker is a person who reads discussions on a message board, newsgroup, chatroom, file sharing or other interactive system, but rarely participates.

In the blogosphere, I guess that would include those who don’t comment.

I constantly talk to people at Revolution or other friends who say, "Hey I saw that picture on your blog.  Caleb looks so cute," or "Wow Bobby, I saw your weigh in video and I never would have guessed you weighed that much" (thanks for those by the way – and there were several of you).  The funny part is, a lot of those people I never even knew came by here cause they never do comment.

So I thought I’d try a little experiment for today (and please don’t make me look stupid on this one).  Today, the goal is to have no lurkers.  Just for fun, leave a comment, just to say hi and let us know that you drop by here from time to time.  Just thought it would be fun to hear from you and discover some of the people who I didn’t even know were reading.  So go ahead, leave a comment!

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