30 November 2006 ~ 3 Comments

Office Makeover

If there’s one thing that nobody can ever accuse me of being, it’s organized, neat, or tidy.  I guess that’s technically three things.  So when my office gets to the point where it even drives me insane, I know that something desperately needs to be done.

It was about time to clean up and even do a little reorganizing and shifting around of desks and equipment, so I spent some time yesterday morning doing just that.  Because I figure it really probably is worse than you’re imagining, I took some before and after pictures with my phone.  Check it out:

BEFORE                                                    AFTER
112206_1006                112906_1044


I already feel more productive and put together again.  Now I need to spruce it up with some island decor! 

While I recognize that I will never EVER be Mr. Organization Extraordinaire, I can at least, hopefully, keep it from ever getting as bad as it was again.  Now…back to work!

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