10 April 2009 ~ 0 Comments

Good Friday – Our Nails

Yeah, this is a repeat post for those of you who have been around here for a while.
But every couple of years I gotta share this video again.
It's probably one of, if not the favorite video I've put together.

Created for a Good Friday service in 2005, it's a great reminder what today is all about.
The suffering he endured so that I, so that we, wouldn't have to on this Good Friday.

In addition to that, as a little sidenote, this video kinda has a new sentimental meaning to me now.
As I watch, so many of these faces bring back so many great memories.  Some not so great memories at times too.
But many of the people I still know and love.  People I had very little history with when the video was made.  Now, each face has a story.  Has years of walking with God together behind it.

So tonight I'm thankful for two things.
The sacrifice He made so that He would be glorified.
And the relationships he's blessed me with to share the journey with.
Enjoy, and reflect.

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