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California Coastal Race For Hemophilia

We are all riding to raise money for the cause of hemophilia.  This is a cause that is close to my heart and my family’s.  My cousin has a seven year old son, Zach, who lives everyday with hemophilia.

Check out this video to hear a little bit about the ride and to meet Zach and his family for yourself:

For those of you who haven’t heard of hemophilia, the simple explanation is it’s a blood disorder that causes a person’s blood to be unable to clot.  Because of that, people like Zach who have hemophilia have to take a shot every other day that allows clotting to take place.
There is currently no cure for hemophilia.

The money raised through this ride will go to send kids from 7-18 to a camp where they can be active with other kids just like them with specialized care available at all times.  It will also go to help find a cure for the disorder, as well as to help and care for the families that are a part of these California chapters.

There are 2 ways that you can partner with me to make a difference:

  • GIVE
    In order to go on this ride and have a large majority of the money go to the Hemophilia chapters, I need to raise $3500.00 in funds.  This is really a minimum.  I would love to see us obliterate this number to really make a huge difference for the cause.Please visit my Active.com fundraising page to donate and be a part of this effort.  Every little bit helps!  Whether you can give $5, $50, or $500, I need your help.The Active page is the preferred method of giving, but there are 2 other options as well.  If you’d prefer to pay by cash, check, or credit card, email me and I will send you my address and a donor sheet to send in.  All checks should be made payable to HASDC.
    There is also a Facebook cause page I setup as well.  Again, the preferred online method would be Active.com, but if this works better for ya…they’ll take it!  And even if you don’t give there, come join the cause!
  • Spread The Word
    CLICK HERE for info on the iPhone Giveaway!
    I need your help to share this with others as well.  I am excited to not only raise funds, but also to raise awareness through this project.  Many people have no idea that there are people living with this disorder and especially what the families go through.  I sure didn’t, until it became a part of my family 7 years ago.  And there’s still a lot I don’t know.So if you have a blog, please share about this race in a post.  Embed the video and send people here to find out more.
    Join the cause on Facebook, and then invite others to be a part as well.
    And share the link to the Active.com page via Twitter, Facebook, blogs, emails, and conversations.  I would love to see hundreds of people be a part of this with us.

Over the next 4 months as I prepare for this ride, I will share the journey here with you at the blog.  As part of that I’ll be sharing pieces of Zach and his family’s story so you can get to know them.
They are the reason I’m riding.
And I can’t wait to share the ride with you as much as possible as it happens via Twitter, Facebook, and of course, this blog.
You can see all the posts about the ride, hemophilia, and Zach here.

Thanks a ton for your support.  And welcome to the journey

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