10 January 2007 ~ 2 Comments

Did You Hear About The iPhone?


Haha!!  So I was trying to decide what I thought about the whole iPhone thing when I read this hilarious post by Anne Jackson.  Go read it.  It is well worth reading and so true (sorry friends who fall into the category she wrote about…which I guess kinda includes me now.)

So since it includes me now, I guess I might as well finish with my thoughts.  Yeah, it looks really cool and all, and I haven’t checked it out extensively, and I really am a recently converted Mac fan, but I have a few concerns:

  • Touch screen – cool.  But I’ve seen how scratched up and jacked up some of the iPod touch screens have gotten.  Will that happen with this too?
  • Also, a friend pointed out that it may seem really cool till the first time you hold it up to your dome only to pull it away to find it all greasy and oily.  Then you try to wipe it off and it just gets smudged and smeared.
  • It’s only available with Cingular, no doubt the crappiest cell service on the planet.  Cingular definitely got the better deal in that partnership.
  • And of course, for the amount I’d have to pay for the phone I could get like 2 iPods, a really nice snowboard with maybe enough left over for a day or two of lift passes, about 60 lunches with friends (30 if i want to be nice and buy), or half a tank of gas for my truck I haven’t sold yet (Just kidding – the mileage really isn’t that bad and you or your friend or your brother-in-law’s third cousin really want to buy my truck).

Or based on that last point, maybe deep down I’m just ridiculously jealous that I won’t be able to have one (of course I don’t want one if I have to go back to Cingular.)  Of course, if I ever get one I’ll just recant all of that, or just delete the post.  POOF – evidence gone.

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