15 January 2007 ~ 4 Comments

Jack Is Back!

Img_0424_1 Bauer3

That’s right my friends, the long awaited return of Jack Bauer from the torturous land of China.  So yes, the greatest show ever to be shown on television has returned for another season.  I know this technically happened on Sunday, but several of us have church Sunday night.  So, we DVR’d Sundays 2 hours and tonight 11 of us (pictured above) gathered for a 4 hour season premier extravaganza at Rick‘s house.

This was a gathering for the 24 hardcore faithfuls and that’s it!  We barbecued, ate together, and then watched some good ole fashioned butt-kicking by my main man Mr. Bauer.  i think this is definitely what Paul had in mind when he said do not forsake the gathering of the saints.  This is true Christian fellowship.

***24 Spoiler Alert***
Anyway, good times.  Here’s a not so candid re-enactment of our utter shock and bubbling over of emotions when Jack offed his and our good friend Curtis:

RIP Curtis.  As usual, it was for the greater good.  So even though my Chargers may have choked hard this weekend, I can at least be rest assured that Jack won’t let me down, and now my Monday nights can once again be filled with action, suspense, and terrorist whoopin.  Life is good again.  And i can watch it live now cause I’m done with school!

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