19 January 2007 ~ 2 Comments

Traffic School

J03059001Several months ago I got a friendly letter in the mail.  it was the friendly city of Los Alamitos informing me that I had been caught on tape running a red light.  I saw the picture, and I was making a right turn. 
I said  out loud, "This is a picture of me turning right.  I can do that.  Who’s to say I didn’t stop first?"  Then my wonderful wife pointed out the part where it said you could watch your video online.  I checked it out.  Yeah…busted.

So, it was an expensive ticket, and now I have to spend all day tomorrow in traffic school.  I decided to go the comedy traffic school route, so I’ll be listening to some poor struggling comedian tell bad jokes for 8 hours (8:30am – 4:30pm – 45 minutes for lunch).  My good friend Keith got a ticket at the exact same intersection, so at least we get to go through it together, which will hopefully make it a bit more fun.

And the best part…I called the hotel that’s hosting it, and they offer free wifi.  So stop by tomorrow and maybe you can share in some of our misery with us!

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