20 January 2007 ~ 0 Comments

False Advertising

Well, I wasn’t able to update you during the day because the hotel wouldn’t give me the internet password without a room.  But FYI, the traffic school was horrible.  The company is called "Great Comedians Traffic School".  It should really be something more like "Wanna-be Comedians That Try Hard Traffic School".  I’ve done the comedy traffic school thing before, and it wasn’t so bad.  This was.  The guy has never even worked as a comedian.  From what we gathered, he teaches traffic school, teaches phys ed, and works with senior citizens (maybe teaching PE).  Not funny.

Here’s a small (and low quality…Garage Band) example of just how unfunny it was.

And here’s an idea of what Keith and I did to pass the time:


Yeah. I definitely don’t want another ticket.  That, and of course the ridiculous amount of money I had to shell out for it.

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