26 February 2007 ~ 2 Comments

Goin Off Road

Recently I started reading a new book by Earl Creps called Off-Road Disciplines.  I got the book for free with the condition of reviewing it this blog, so when I get through it, I’ll let ya know what I think (and who knows when that will be!).  So far, not quite what I expected, but I am enjoying it.

Earl Creps specializes in the study of current churches that are seeking to engage a postmodern culture.  He heads up the doctoral studies at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary.  Anyway, all this to say, after having pastored churches in the past, I read this morning that he is now entering the world of being a church planter.  There’s a great article over here about some of the things that God used to lead him this direction and the lessons he learned as a result.  As a recent finder of Creps ministry, I’m looking forward to hearing more about how things go as the journey progresses.

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