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It was almost three years ago that I was at The Happiest Place On Earth every day.  I was a dwarf.  Sounds funny, I know, but it actually paid quite well and was a fairly steady gig.  At that point in time though, about 6 months or less into married life, I knew God was calling me back into occupational ministry.  I had a desire to affect lives for Christ in a different way.  That was when I was hooked up with Revolution Church.  God had captured mine and my wife’s heart for church planting and this was the perfect opportunity for Rachel and I to be a part of a new church, to invest in that community, and to really experience some of the realities of planting and growing a faith community.  That was the first of several transitions in our life as a married couple.  Some of those transitions have been small, some big, and there will be many more to come throughout our life.

Yesterday at Revolution Church it was announced that my wife and I are once again about to enter another season of transition, this time along with the newer family addition of Caleb.  If you weren’t there, we recently accepted a new position as Worship and Connections Pastor at Christian Life Center in Santa Cruz, CA.  Our last Sunday at Revolution will be March 18th.  Two more left.

It has been an amazing two years and nine months at Revolution Church.  I have grown exponentially in a number of ways.  I have become a better leader. A better time manager.  I discovered gifts I didn’t even know I possessed.  I’ve learned to navigate different aspects of ministry through great times and through really discouraging times.  My knowledge in areas of production, team building, and worship leading has increased.  And that’s really just the tip of the iceberg.  Man, I am stoked for the time I’ve had here to prepare myself and my wife for our next adventure in life and ministry.  Above all, we have met numerous people who have touched our lives and our souls in ways that will change us forever.

And now, God has guided us north.  This transition is one of the big ones for us, and it brings about lots of emotions, including excitement, fear, and sadness.  I am so excited to see what this next season brings, to discover all that God has in store for us as we move forward.  Afraid at times of the unknown – area, church, people, expectations.  And, of course, bummed about many of the friends who mean so much to us that we won’t see every Tuesday at Life Group or every Sunday at Artesia High School, in addition to our families that all reside in Southern California.  But I know that God has brought us to this point to use us in incredible ways.  I know that he will continue to bring people into our lives that we will love and that will love our family, and I am pumped as I see how he has used our prior ministry experience to prepare us for this next move.

A few friends have actually asked me if I’ll be keeping this blog.  Heck YEAH I’ll be continuing to blog!!  And I hope that you all stay tuned to share with us all the ride that will be this transition.  So there’s our big news.  It should be a blast to see where things go from here!

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  1. Ben 8 March 2007 at 8:22 am Permalink

    Wow! Congrats to you and your family Bobby.

  2. Aunt Linda 7 March 2007 at 2:09 pm Permalink

    Bobby and Rachel,
    Congrats on your new job and move. I know you are excited to start a new venture. Selfishly, I am bummed that you will not be close to SD anymore. I knew when I came to visit your mom, you were always just a couple of hours away, and I would see you. I am sad that now you will not be able to make a quick trip to join us, like you did at Lawrence Welk. But, for you guys, I am totally stoked, because I know it will be a good move, and good for Bobby’s career. Just make sure you get a biiiiiig place, with lots of bedrooms and beds, cuz we will be visiting!!! (that is near wine country, right??)
    Love, Hugs, and lots of Kisses,
    Aunt Linda

  3. annalynn 6 March 2007 at 8:32 am Permalink

    Hey Bobby, Rachel, and Caleb…
    *sigh* I was super bummed when pastor dave made the announcement, but i know that God will do AMAZING things through you guys when you’re up there! revolution will definitely miss you… you guys were pretty much the first people i actually interacted with beyond a “hi” at church… i can’t wait to see what God has in store for you in Santa Cruz!
    in Christ,

  4. Mark Warnock 6 March 2007 at 8:25 am Permalink

    Congratulations! I’ll continue to pray for you as you and your family are in transition.

  5. Jamie Petersen 6 March 2007 at 12:57 am Permalink


  6. lori scott 5 March 2007 at 9:57 pm Permalink

    Dear Bobby and Rachel,
    Bill and I left a little early from church service yesterday. Bob and Sara told us that the announcement was made that you two were on your way to a new adventure in Santa Cruz. Wow, our first reaction was selfish-
    but we know God is leading your darling family there. Bobby, when you had the “creative” evening at the hub, Bill and I both loved your passion for Christ. We both agreed that you have a divine gift with spreading God’s word (besides your creative and technical gifts!). God will strengthen you both on this journey, and bond you even closer to one another. We pray you always get the time to make your family priority. Thank you for blessing our lives as joined
    Revolution last year……
    Love, Bill and Lori Scott :)

  7. Sara 5 March 2007 at 7:24 pm Permalink

    What a shock! Bob and I were totally taken back when the announcement was made that you are leaving. The tears started to come. You and Rachael have made such an impact in our lives. You both were so welcoming to us when we started going to Revolution. You asked us step out of our comfort zone and we really had to put our faith in Jesus for the things you got us to do! Who could forget the accordioning playing Santa and Grandma at the 1$ Christmas play. And then there was the Amazing Race. And finally the Pastor who was talked into having live animals at the Christmas pageant. Maybe you forgot but we sure haven’t and we won’t forget you either. God bless you on you new journey. You will all be missed!

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