16 March 2007 ~ 1 Comment

American Idol

Sorry…haven’t really had the chance to post about this, so thought I’d throw it up here real quick.

On Wednesday night Rachel and I had a date night and we went to a live taping of American Idol.  We got there at like 3 o’clock and barely made it in.  Random thoughts from the night:

  • I know a lot of you were bummed Sanjaya didn’t go home.  Not me.  It’s selfish, but sorry, I enjoyed listening to Brandon perform his song from the night before way more than I would have Sanjaya.  And in a sick way, I kinda hope he makes it past one more week so he’s on the tour.  I do feel bad for the kid though.
  • Diana Ross is DIVA.  As she was finishing her song I turned to Rachel and said, "Wow, she knows how to perform."  You could definitely tell you were watching a seasoned performer.  There’s a good reason she’s a legend friends.
  • That theater is smaller than it looks on TV.  Every seat was a good one!
  • It would have been nice to hear the judges at least say a word or somethin.  Oh well.  Instead I just had to watch Paula dance all night.
  • I should be a warm up guy for TV tapings.  There was a time that i seriously considered doing that.  They make bank.  And I could do it at least as well as this guy.  I could see Charlie doing it, too.

That’s it.  Good times.  My faves – Guys: Blake, Chris Sligh (who, by the way, I understand is a worship leader from Seacoast Church).  Gals: Melinda, Lakeisha (like everybody else…but I don’t think they’ll end up in the finals together.  They’re too similar in style and will split the vote). 

Who’s your faves?  Extra credit to you if you say Sanjaya.

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