24 March 2007 ~ 2 Comments

Florida or Bust

So yeah, the posts have been pretty light and kick back lately.  But hey, that’s just kinda where we’re at right now.  Kinda decompressing before life gets full throttle again.  And the next week will most likely be really sparse on posts.

Reason is, tomorrow at 5:45am we leave for Florida on vacation and get back on Friday.  Some great friends hooked us up with the trip.  Thanks guys!  We’ll be spending 2 nights in Ft. Lauderdale and 3 in Orlando.  Will be visiting Universal in Orlando where an old friend from Playhouse is hookin us up.  Lookin forward to reconnecting with him.  One of those guys that isn’t a Christ follower that I had several awesome spiritual discussions with.

As previously noted, I don’t own a laptop at the moment.  And I don’t know if the hotels will have computer access.  But it’s probably all for the better anyway.  I’m goin away to be with my family, and without constant internet I will be more available to them.  :)

It should be fun.  An adventure.  If I can post I will.  If not, I’ll throw up some pics when I get back.  Maybe I’ll throw one or two in the can to post during the week, but I’m pretty wiped, so it won’t be much.  See y’all in a week!

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