20 April 2007 ~ 2 Comments

Friday Giveaway


Alright peeps.  It’s time to give away somethin free.  This is really for all you SoCal people down there.  I have one free ticket for Six Flags Magic Mountain.  Bummer is, it does expire on April 30th, so you gotta use it soon.

So, if you have time in next few weeks, and you want it, leave a comment.  If there’s one of you, it’s yours.  Two, I’ll flip a coin.  Three or more, we go into raffle mode.  And it’s only if I hear from you today.  Then I’ll pop it in the mail tomorrow.  Hope someone wants it!

And Oh yeah…I also have 18 of the "buy one get one free" variety, and those ones are good til the end of May.  Stamps aren’t cheap though, and I don’t feel like mailing 18 envelopes.  Rachel will be in SoCal the first week of May, so maybe if you’re a friend in the area there that might see her, and you want em, shoot me an e-mail.

**UPDATE:  So far, it looks like no one can make it before the end of the month.  But it also looks like there are a pair of free tickets now.  So, first person to let me know gets em both.

**UPDATE AGAIN:  They’re gone.  Ended up someone here in Santa Cruz is going down there to Magic Mountain and wanted them.

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