23 April 2007 ~ 6 Comments

Why Ben Abu Saada Should Get a Mac

Comment left by Ben on recent post, "The Good News":

You are tempting me. I’m up for a new pc in October. I will need some
strong convincing though Bobby. The thought of learning a new OS just
doesn’t sound like it’s worth the trouble. Convince me.

OK…with some help, I’ll give it a go.  Here are a couple of the reasons, after making the switch last year, I’m glad that I did and am not turning back:

  • Stability.  I know some people have claimed to me that they have a new PC and haven’t had any problems with it.  That just hasn’t been my experience.  I got a bit tired of the whole CTRL+ALT+DEL thing.  Now granted, I won’t lie.  I did have a few problems with an iMac I got at Revolution.  But overall it was still better than any PC I owned, and the customer service was better as well.
  • Virus Protection.  I guess this could have gone along with stability, but I think it’s deserving of a bullet all it’s own.  With your PC you MUST have some serious virus protection or you’re screwed.  Even with it, you’ll probably have a problem somewhere along the line.  Not that it hasn’t happened, but I have yet to hear of a Mac getting a virus.
  • Media.  Part of it has to do with what I use it for.  I guess PC’s are better if you’re doing lots of accounting and spreadsheets (or so I’ve been told), but I’m using my computer for music, photos, graphics, video, web, etc.  Fact of the matter it, Macs are becoming the industry standard in most of these areas…for a reason.
  • Compatibility. Not as much a reason, but a response to an excuse I guess.  People keep saying they need a PC because of the programs they need.  I have Microsoft Office for Mac on my laptop.  It has Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, fully compatible to share with PC users.  A large number of programs are available now a days for Macs.  And if it’s not, you always have the option of running Windows with Boot Camp or Parallels.
  • iChat.  Small feature, but I must admit, I love the ease of being able to video conference with friends and ministry colleagues via my built in iSight.  Also makes me look forward to our parents getting Macs now so they can see Caleb more often now that we’re further away.
  • They’re Sexy.  OK, not a real good reason to switch over, but when all the other stuff is going for it, it’s kinda icing on the cake, ya know?  It’s the best looking hunk of electronics you’ll see.  And their ads are pretty entertaining too.  ;)

Anywho, that’s me.  Sure, when I switched over I felt like an 80 year old grandpa on his computer trying to figure out the ins and outs of this new-fandangled operating systems, but it aint really that tough.  Within a week or two I was fine and wishing I had made the switch sooner.

So there’s a response for you Ben.  And how about the rest of ya?  Help me out.  Own a Mac?  What’s your favorite feature?  Don’t own one and don’t want to?  Why not?  Go ahead and let me know.  This is an equal opportunity blog.

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