29 April 2007 ~ 6 Comments

#4 – I Confess: My G-String Snapped

If you found this page because you just Googled "g-string", you might want to visit this site.

For the rest of you, welcome to another installment of Worship Confessional.  This week I decided to do something a little daring…some clips from our service.  I say daring for a number of reasons.  One is, it’s just a camera in the balcony.  Not only is it not mixed, it doesn’t even come off a board.  So it is what it is, but it will give a glimpse of what we’re doing.

It’s also daring because I’m my own worst critic, all the way around.  Even in regard to the presentation of the stage there’s a lot we are in the works to improve.  So this is where we’re at now, and as I do this once in a while, you can see the changes take place.

Alrighty then, enough said.  Here’s what our week looked like here at CLC in Santa Cruz:


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