04 May 2009 ~ 0 Comments

My Wife Completed A Half Ironman!!

OK, so she didn't exactly swim, bike, or run.
But I think she sacrificed way more than I did in order for me to race Wildflower this past weekend.
For every Saturday that I was out for 4-6 hours riding and running, she was playing the single mom role at home.
Many of the Sundays that I went on long runs after working at church all morning, she was the one putting two kids to bed by herself.
For every stroke I took on Saturday, every mile I rode, and every step of the run, she had sacrificed time as a family, my help around the house, and me just being around.
All so I could accomplish that goal.
So the way I see it, she owns the accomplishment as much as I do, if not more.

So today is for her.
I am unplugging and disconnecting.
If you call, there's a good chance I won't answer.
I'm dead to the world…
So that I can give some much needed and much deserved time to my wife and kids.

I honestly couldn't do the things I do without her support.
And I wouldn't want to.
Yeah, I pretty much have the best wife ever.
Single dudes, there's hope.  I'm sure there's still a second best out there somewhere.
Thanks babe!

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