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Freedom Attained

I posted last week that I would finally have freedom from TV in the evenings with all of the finales coming up.  Well, I just finished watching LOST, and now it’s all over.  So, just for fun I thought I’d share my thoughts from each of my beloved finale’s with you, ranking them from worst to best:


American Idol
Just caught the last hour of this after walking in from worship practice and volume was pretty low cause Caleb hasn’t been sleeping well.  A few thoughts…

  1. (As I walked in the door, Rachel watching the show) Is that really Green day performing right now?
  2. Reuben Studdard?  Oh yeah…that guy.
  3. Bette Middler?  I’ve never liked her, and now I like her less.  This is horrible.
  4. That final song was absolutely horrible for Blake.  of course she won.  Blake got hosed by them when they made him sing that song.
  5. That song is horrible period, no matter who’s singing it.



Still my favorite show, and wish it were higher on the list, but this definitely wasn’t their greatest season.  Of course last year was tough to beat no matter what.  I hope next year keeps me more on the edge of my seat like this show used to.  Thoughts…

  1. Wow, that was a lot of closure.  Haven’t had that much closure except for when Jack walked off into the sunset.
  2. I was hoping he’d get the chick, but I’m pretty glad she didn’t open her eyes and make it cheesy, like sleeping beauty or somethin.
  3. Was Jack considering suicide?  No…not possible.  There’s at least 2 more seasons ahead.  And he’s just better than that.
  4. Response to Cheng: "And our country won’t torture you like yours did Jack."
  5. President Logan is so still alive.



There’s a reason this show has been around for 14 seasons.  It’s the best reality show out there.

  1. Dreamz is a punk.
  2. Yau-Man should have won.
  3. Dreamz is a punk.
  4. Jeff Probst is a stud.  And oh yeah, so is Boo.  Torn ACL?!  Dang!  And he kept at it for a while!
  5. Dreamz is a punk…oh yeah, and a liar.  It wouldn’t have made sense for him to lie in his confessionals.  He didn’t have that plan all along.



There was a time in the season when I was done with this show.  Now it has gotten so good, it’s rivaling 24!  It’s nice to see some well written drama on TV, keeping me entertained and actors employed in spite of reality TV.  So many thoughts, and even more questions…where to begin?

  1. Why didn’t Charlie try to swim out of the blown out window?
  2. So if that was the future, why in the world did Jack say to go upstairs and get his dad.  His dad is supposedly dead.
  3. Who’s in the coffin?  My guess was Ben.  Who else would no one show up for?  And Jack said he wasn’t family or friend.  Hmmm.
  4. So what happens since it’s not Penny’s boat?  And will Desmond tell them in time?  They can’t get rescued, there are still 3 seasons till this thing ends.
  5. Of all th shows I watch, this is the one I’m most looking forward to coming back to now, especially after this finale. 
  6. And there are a lot of other questions, but those could go on for days.

There ya go.  My shows are over, and I’ve vowed not to start any new one’s right now.  More time to read, exercise, hang with the fam, etc.  My occasional dose of Jeopardy will be plenty.  And that made for a nice brainless post.  :)

Any thoughts to add?  Which was your favorite?

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