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Memorial Day

My mom is in town for the weekend, so we cruised down to Monterey for Memorial Day.  It was the first time we’ve visited there and it was a blast.  We went by the Post Graduate Naval Academy where the Monterey Bay Symphony was doing a concert on the lawn.  Caleb had fun playing in the grass and flirting with the other 8 month old girl, Lilian.  Check out the video of this, with quite appropriate music for the moment I might add.


Being on this property yesterday served as a great reminder of what this day is all about.  Seeing men in uniform, imagining what their lives are like.  I am very appreciative of the sacrifices of so many so that I can do what I do and be who I am today.  My grandpa was a Marine, served in WW2, fought at Iwo Jima, and retired with 2 Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star.  My dad, Victor Ira Cederquist, was retired Navy.  Regardless of your political beliefs, it’s nice to take one day to remember and appreciate the guys and gals, current and past, in uniform.  Sidenote: that’s why I was irritated by the peace protest across the street from the post.  Of all days, let’s take this one to stop making political statements and protests for a couple of hours and just say thank you.

Anyway, after looking around the Hotel Del Monte, now the Naval academy’s admin building, we went out to the Old Fisherman’s Wharf.  We walked around a bit, enjoyed the view at the end, and when we couldn’t find any decently priced food we could eat, we jumped in the car and headed for home, driving through Cannery Row on the way out.  I look forward to coming back soon to spend some time on Cannery Row, go to the aquarium, and get my dive certification (wink, wink, hint, hint).

Finally, after a quick dinner, my mom watched Caleb while Rachel and I went to check out Spiderman 3 in downtown Santa Cruz.  All in all a good day.  Here are some pics you can enjoy from our day:




"Hope you all had a Happy Memorial Day!"

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