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Friday Hasn’t Lost It’s Flava: DoxA

When was the last time I shared some love for a Friday?
Yeah.  Sorry.  It’s been a while.
Back to it though.

Picture 31
I figured this was an appropriate week to send you all over to Dan Perkin’s blog.
I say appropriate cause Dan also raced Wildflower with me last weekend.
Dan is a pastor in San Jose.  I met him my first year at Recreate.  He’s a pastor, an artist, a thinker, a triathlete, and a wine connoisseur.  Over the past year especially, he has became quite the friend and a coach of sorts for me, both in life and ministry as well as Triathlon.
Why is his blog called DoxA?  I have no idea.  But I know I’ve read it on his blog before and it made sense.  Go find out.
He also guest blogs at Wine For Novices.

He’s got a great blog with some great posts.  And you can head over and check out his race report from Wildflower, too.
He’s good.
He was on the podium.
Came in fifth in his age group.
I almost came in fifth…from last.  About 10-11 behind me.  Just missed it.  Darn.

It’s great to have someone outside my current ministry context to bounce thoughts and ideas off of.
Someone wiser.  Someone to process with.  Someone to say the hard things on occasion.
That’s what Dan is for me.
Who is that person for you?  Oh yeah…and do they have a blog?

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