06 November 2009 ~ 2 Comments

Goin On A Bear Hunt

My family was gone for a little over a week.
Last night they got back home.
They pulled into the driveway at 11pm.
I walked out to help with the kids.
As soon as I walk out I hear Caleb yell, "Daddy, daddy, daddy!!"

I walked around to this side of the van, and I kid you not, he literally leaped out of the car and into my arms.
Then he just laid there with his head on my shoulder as I brought him inside.
And he says as he's hugging my neck tight, "I missed you daddy. Did you miss me when I was at Patience's house?" (They visited Rachel's best friend while they were gone.)

There is nothing that warms a dad's heart more.
I am so stoked to have my wife and boys back in town.
So after a week of taking care of them, Rachel got to stay in bed while I got up with them this morning.
Caleb came over and started singing "We're Going On A Bear Hunt" at one point.  A song from a book he and mom got at the library, and I think used at Creative Play.
Seriously, the only thing significant about this is that he's just really cute.
So for those who care, check out the video:

I love the way he says, "Thick, oozy, mud" at 1:43.
The hands on his mouth for the tiptoe at 3:15.
Oh, and the face he always makes when he's trying to think of something, like at 3:30 and 4:22, it cracks me up every time.

The bachelor week had some fun, but I'm just glad to be daddy again.

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