26 June 2007 ~ 2 Comments

Saddleback – Afternoon One

I’m wiped.  Did a few sessions this afternoon and then a concert tonight with Saddleback youth band, Jonathon Butler, and Tommy Walker.  I’ll just share a few quick highs and lows from the second half the day before I crash:


  • Session with Tommy Walker and his pastor.  Great ministry relationship goin on there.
  • A good quote from Tommy’s pastor: "You can hire the best musicians and the best bands and it won’t matter.  If you don’t have a pastor that is a reckless worshiper, it won’t work."
  • Talking about our cultures tendency to "byte size entertainment" (2 minute You Tube videos etc.) and how it transfers over into our worship services.
  • Jonathon Butler’s band and his sining.  Good stuff.
  • The youth band had some energetic and quality worship.
  • Tommy Walker – good worship leader.  Choir was kinda cool too.
  • Seeing multiple friends and acquaintances.


  • Architectural Design for Intimacy in Worship session.  Not what I expected.  I left to join Randy’s much better session.
  • Being led in Blessed Be Your Name (a song I love…or used to) 3 times in one day.
  • Tommy Walker – not so much my style.  A bit "Happy Clappy" is the term I think we labeled him.  Great for a large portion of the audience though.
  • The night concert running like an hour or more late.  We left early, so not sure exactly how long over it went.

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