27 June 2007 ~ 3 Comments

Saddleback – Morning Two

Well, after a late night, we accidentally slept in a little.  Oh well.  We really wanted to make it for Erwin McManus and we got here just in time!  He was here along with some of the arts team from Mosaic.

They were sic!  It was a very creative message with lots of drama, dance, and comedy in the mix.  A great example I thought of what Randy talked about yesterday about our age of "byte-sized entertainment."  And I aint gonna lie.  I have a few sides to me that I am always trying to blend and reconcile.  There’s Bobby the pastor/minister, and Bobby the performer.  I don’t think the two have to be mutually exclusive, but it’s tough.  And any time I see a really good theatrical presentation, I start to really have a deep hunger for the stage again.  Dance.  Acting.  Art.  So yeah, that in and of itself gave me a lot to think about.

Erwin has his kinda overall theme that I think defines him as do a lot of the well-known pastors and leaders.  his?  Dreaming God-sized dreams and living that out.  He talked a lot about that today.  It was amazing, and the performing of "Scribble" really helped put a different spin on it and really encourage.  Here’s a few quick quotes that really resonated:

  • "When we were born, none of us were an “ordinary” child.  Just ask your parents.  But there are a lot of ordinary people in the world today.  What happened?"
  • “Some are born great, some attain greatness, and for some others greatness is thrust upon them.”
  • What if the power of the Gospel isn’t to save us from hell?  What if the power of the Gospel is to shape us into the image and likeness of Jesus Christ so we can live a life far beyond our wildest dreams.

Big Idea:  It was kinda 2 fold.

  1. God has put a hunger in you to be great.  He has thrust greatness upon you in his son, Jesus Christ.  Now go be great.
  2. In Christianity we often use the idea of "nothing new under the sun" to allow us to refrain from creating or reject anything that seems new.  But God is still creating and he says in Isaiah that new shall come.  We should use the beauty and intricacy of art and beauty to share God’s truth in fresh and relevant ways.

Afterward I was able to connect with David Arcos, the Creative Director at Mosaic who I know from connecting with several times in the past.  A while back I was a youth pastor at his father-in-law’s church, and since then I’ve been able to reconnect with him and learn some great stuff from Mosaic’s arts ministries.

Now I’m listening to some amazing, jazzy instrumental music from Abe Laboriel and friends before bailing to meet up with Victor Estrada for some lunch.

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